The Most Important Health Metric
You've Never Heard Of

Aortic pulse wave velocity is the single health metric
that can identify increased risk for heart disease,
stroke, and dementia.


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A snapshot of your heart health

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity

The gold standard of aortic stiffness measurement, proven in a wealth of scientific literature.

Aortic Stiffness

Aortic Stiffness

A proven marker of risk of developing heart disease, dementia, and risk of death from all causes.

Heart Rate

The number of heartbeats per minute. A
 lower number implies more efficient heart function.

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Measurement of how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying.

iHeart Internal Age monitor for pulse wave velocity


The iHeart Internal Age™ Monitor

A revolutionary tool to measure aortic pulse wave velocity, the iHeart Internal Age™ monitor is a way to 'look inside' and help you realize the benefit of positive lifestyle choices. 

Use the iHeart device to not only assess risk of illness, but to show improvement to aortic pulse wave velocity with attention to diet, exercise, and stress management. 

Pulse Wave Velocity

Why AoPWV Matters

Aortic pulse wave velocity (AoPWV) is a measure of aortic stiffness along the spinal column. Countless clinical studies indicate that it may be the most important health metric available today.

AoPWV is the only proven metric that is able to assess overall health and predict lifespan.


How iHeart Works

The iHeart device is a fingertip pulse reader that detects arterial pulsations.

iHeart transmits recordings to an app on your iOS/Android device and translates them into a pulse wave for analysis.

iHeart also measures real-time heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.


Scientifically Proven

The first consumer-level product of its kind, iHeart Internal Age™ monitor uses a calculation algorithm to determine aortic stiffness from AoPWV. 

This algorithm has been validated against the world’s gold standard of AoPWV and aortic stiffness testing: the Sphygmocor system. 

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How our high-tech health invention made the Dragons' hearts skip a beat.


Age 36, Internal Age™ 45

"Using iHeart encouraged me to stop neglecting my health. Each time you say, 'I’ll work out next time,' you set a deadline and pass it. I needed to have started getting my act together yesterday!"

Age 58, Internal Age™ 52

"It took 30 sec. I was blown away. Completely blown away. The ease and the simplicity and the information and being able to chart the trend of our information and being able to keep up with that. It’s just so valuable for people to know, that we just had to have it. We had to be able to share it."

Age 64, Internal Age™ 40

"I’m hoping that the small changes in my life from using iHeart will permit me to drop some of the medications I’m currently on. I’ve tried lots of workouts and don’t get the results I want so I quit, but iHeart keeps me focused and gives me immediate proof that I’m on the right track."

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Age 64, Internal Age™ 59

"I thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about getting healthy and reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease or illness. If you need motivation to keep you on the right path, then iHeart is for you. Thank you for an amazing, safe, easy-to-use device to help me stay on the right track. Not just for my own sake, but for my family’s as well."

Do you know your Internal Age™?

Get to the heart of the matter with the iHeart Internal Age™ monitor and learn more about your aortic pulse wave velocity.

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