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How to Lower Your Internal Age™

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Internal Age™ is calculated by comparing your aortic pulse wave velocity result to average healthy readings by age.

This eBook will offer some easily achievable steps to improve your overall health and lengthen your lifespan.

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(Actual: 60, Internal: 47)

“It encourages you to figure out a way to get healthier.
I rarely go to my doctor unless something’s really wrong, and if you’re not getting feedback regularly, you don’t usually change anything. I think for me having that reminder every day is really helpful.”

Mohammed Ali

Professor Mohammed Ali

Cardiologist at University of Illinois at Chicago

"The iHeart oximeter’s ability to measure aortic PWV is a simple and easy way to assess cardiovascular risk and provide consumers with access to a parameter guiding them to optimize lifestyle choices to achieve persistent wellness and long life."



(Actual: 30, Internal: 45)

“Using iHeart encouraged me to stop neglecting my health. Each time you say, “I’ll work out next time,” you set a deadline and pass it. I needed to have started getting my act together yesterday!”


How is Internal Age™ calculated? 

The iHeart Internal Age™ fingertip pulse sensor uses a scientifically validated technique to provide a holistic view of your overall health.

  1. In just 30 seconds, your Internal Age™ is calculated by the fingertip pulse sensor. 
  2. The iHeart Internal Age™ monitor measures aortic pulse wave velocity while assessing aortic stiffness, combined with heart rate and blood oxygen measurements.
  3. By taking regular measurements, you can track how your overall health improves over time. 



How the iHeart Internal Age™ Monitor Works

 Simply set up and start using iHeart to improve your Internal Age™ and overall health.

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